Horse earrings III

Metal: 18ct gold plated on bronzene: pearl and zircon

The Horse Earrings III are a stunning piece of jewelry crafted from high-quality materials. These earrings are made from 18ct gold plated bronze, giving them a beautiful, luxurious shine. The design features the head of a horse with a pendant made of pearls of different sizes and a gold-plated sphere.

The eyes of the horse are made of zircon, which adds a beautiful sparkle and shine to the overall design. The horse's head is intricately crafted, with attention paid to every detail, making these earrings a true work of art. The use of different-sized pearls in the pendant adds depth and dimension to the design, making these earrings truly unique and eye-catching.

The Horse Earrings are a perfect accessory for anyone who loves horses or appreciates elegant and sophisticated jewelry.

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